By hand


Lightweight comfort and elegance. When it comes to coats and jackets, the best way to reach these features is hand sewing. Skilled craftsmanship, but also high quality fabrics: made of ultra-fine wool yarns in a high-density double-weave, it will bring a soft texture and natural stretch to the garments.


In a factory specializing in wool, fabrics go through more than 30 different processes: starting with the warping of raw yarn, leading to weaving, dyeing, and so on. Depending on the characteristics of the fabric and the type of design, each process will be customized. To achieve the ideal fabric, all production begins with a series of trials.


For example: the number of threads in a fabric and the way they are wound. Each detail affects the appearance of the garment. At first glance, the fabric and colors may look uniform—if you look closely, they are uneven and shimmering. This shimmer creates a look that naturally blends in with the wearer's style and environment. This is the result of many conversations between AURALEE and their craftsmen, sharing a deep interest in materials, and wisdom from years of experience. 


This attention to detail also applies to the sewing process. Called river tailoring, this technique of sewing two layers together as a single piece of fabric eliminates the need for a lining, thereby reducing the thickness of the fabric and creating a delicate, elegant fit with a soft touch.


With river tailoring, most of the work is done by hand, stitch by stitch: front edges, hems, flaps, armholes, collar backs, and inside seams. To sew up one coat, this extremely detailed process requires more than 10 hours of work, even to experienced craftsmen.


According to the craftsmen:
“It really is about the small things. It's the little things that no one pays attention to that make a garment beautiful.”

Creative Direction by kontakt
Cinematography and Photography by Junpei Kato
Video editing by Gorilla Editors
Music composed by H. Takahashi
Mixing & mastering by Kohei Oyamada